PPR Pipes & Fittings
What is PPR-C ?
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Chemical Resistance  
Comparison with U-PVC pipe
Assembly Procedure
PPR-C Plumbing System neither requires any kind of threading nor any type of solvent for jointing the pipe and fittings, rather it follow heat fusion jointing procedure which ensures homogeneous leak proof joints :-
Important points for assembly of sanso PPR-C Pipe & Fittings -
   Temperature of welding machine should always be between 250oC to 265oC.
   In case welding tools, pipes or fittings are dirty, clean up them with a clean piece of cloth and alcohol-water mixture.
   Pipe & fitting should be joint without any turning.
   Do not interfere with welding area of pipe & fittings during cooling time.
   Insert the pipe into fittings only up to the welding depth of fittings otherwise excessive material would accumulate on the surface and that reduce the diameter of the hole.