PE Plumbing System
What is PE pipes?
Field of Application
Product Range
Assembly Procedure
Comparison with Others
PE Pipes and Filttings has several advantages over the conventional plumbing systems.
Corrosion Resistant
Sanso threaded Plumbing system is absolutely resistant to internal and external corrosion; hence the quality of water never deteriorates like in galvanized iron pipe.
High Impact Strength
PE Pipes and Fittings has very high impact strength and very flexible in nature all these properties eliminates the possibility of breakage and crack formation like in PVC lines.
Absolutely Suitable For Carrying Drinking Water
The rusting problem like in G.I. Pipes doesn't affect it and it does not require any type of unhygienic solvents for joining pipes and fittings as required for PVC pipe lines so it is absolutely safe for drinking water supply lines.
 Good thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity of the material used for PE pipes & fittings is very low thus in case of open fittings outer temperature doesn’t affect the water temperature flowing through this plumbing system. This plumbing system perfectly works at -10°C to +80°C.

U.V. Stabilized
Sanso threaded Plumbing system perfectly works for underground fittings as well as for open fittings. For the open fittings, Sanso offers double layer, highly UV stabilized black pipe, which safeguards the water from ultraviolet rays of Sun.
 Overall Economy
This is a new edge product, which gives us the quality along with the economy in different sphere like :
a)   It saves pumping cost because of smooth inner wall, which gives high flow rates.
(b)  It saves insulation cost because of low thermal conductivity.
(c)   It saves time in handling and installation because of lightweight.
(d)  Since it is a rust free plumbing system therefore over the period of time it saves maintenance cost.