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Comparison with U-PVC pipe

PPR-C does have several qualities those make it superior then other existing plumbing systems. Here we would like to give you a brief description about the few advantages of Sanso PPR-C Products :-

Corrosion Resistant
The process of corroding is a biggest problem with any metal pipe fitting. Due to scaling issue, metal line generally face the clogging problem. PPR-C material has better corrosion resistance power and its high weight molecular system makes it scaling and rust free plumbing system.
Leak Proof Jointing
PPR-C pipe & fittings follows heat fusion jointing system that gives homogeneous joints which ensure 100% leak proof joints.
Hygienic Product
Sanso PPR-C is a nontoxic & anti microbial product. Sanso PPR-C pipe system is absolute safe for drinking water.

We can use this plumbing system in ground as well as inside the water because of its bacteriological neutral nature.
Smooth Inside Wall
It's inside wall is very smooth and that gives very little pressure loss and also reduces the pumping cost to transport any liquid or water. Co-efficient of friction for PPR-C is just 0.0070 mm that reduces the pressure drop value for sanso PPR-C plumbing system.
Good Thermal Conductivity
Co-efficient value of thermal conductivity for PPR-C is just 0.24 W/MK and that ensures lower heat losses when we use it with geezer. In case of centralized heating system or with electric geezer system, sanso PPR-C may save up to 15% on electricity cost.

Long Life
Long Term Performance of Piping material under specific water pressure can be determined and validated using hydrostatic time to rupture curves. Artificial ageing tests performed in the laboratory indicate that the sanso sanso PPR-C Pipe has a working life of more than 50 years.